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Fox Run Training 

Rules & Regulations

  1. Barn hours are 8am-10pm. If you will be there later or earlier, please let us know in advance.

  2. If you take your horse off property, please let us know. 

  3. All persons in contact with a horse must have a liability release signed. Minors must be signed by a parent or guardian.

  4. All persons must have proper footwear on whenever in contact with the animals.

  5. Riders under 18 years old must have an ASTM/SEI approved helmet on whenever mounted. Riders 18 and over are encouraged to wear a helmet while mounted. Any rider on a FRT horse must wear a helmet at all times. All riders must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet when jumping. 

  6. Absolutely no smoking in any building. Please remove cigarette butts when you are done; DO NOT leave them on the ground for an animal to eat. 

  7. Riders need to be approved to jump on their own and must not jump when alone at the barn. 

  8. Children must be accompanied by a parent. 

  9. Please be courteous of other riders in the ring and lessons. Remember to pass left shoulder to left shoulder and follow the flow of the lesson when possible. 

  10. Please make sure to pick up the ring when done. Put away jumps and cones. 

  11. Please turn off arena lights and aisle lights when not in use or not needed. 

  12. Clean up after your horse in the grooming stall. Put away all equipment when you're done so it can be used by other students. 

  13. Please do not park in front of gates or doors.

  14. No riding in the barn aisles. 

  15. Tie or cross-tie horses in designated areas only. Do not tie horses by the reins or with a chain over/under their nose, as this can lead to injury. Do not tie horses to fences, gates, doors, trees, or any other insecure or inappropriate objects. 

  16. Do not handle or feed any horse you do not own without permission from the owner. 

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