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Fox Run Training

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Build your own board plan based on what is best for you and your horse. All board plans MUST include a lesson or training package. Contact us directly at for a formal quote. 

All board includes:

Blanket changing with weather | Supplements fed if provided
Access to indoor/outdoor arenas | Direct access to trails for trail riding
Nightly check with hay and water

Step 1: Board package

Stall Board: $650 per month​

  • Daily stall cleaning and bedding

  • Group or individual turnout

  • Tribute feed fed 2x daily

  • Hay & water provided throughout day

  • Night turnout in summer months

Step 2: Choose your lesson/training plan

Lesson Packages

  • Group Lessons: $200/month

  • Private Lessons: $240/month

Training Packages

  • Half training: $400/month

  • Full training: $600/month

Boarding & Leasing: Inner_about

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Leasing Options

Boarding & Leasing: Service

Full Lease

$800 per month

A full lease includes the following: 

  • 1 group lesson per week

  • Use of horse 6 days per week (7th day off)

  • Horse is not used for other riders


Half Lease

$500 per month

A half lease includes the following: 

  • 1 group lesson per week

  • Use of horse 3 days per week

  • Horse may be leased to another rider; riders will ride on different days

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