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Introducing...Fox Run Training merchandise!!

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

The Pop-Socket

The pop-socket is $15 and attaches to the back of your phone (see below.)

Click here for the Popsocket order form!


The Jacket

The Fox Run Training soft shell jacket is available in Mens, Womens, and Children's sizes. Each jacket is $60, which includes all embroidery (a fox on the back of the jacket, the person's name with a gray horse jumping on the left side of the chest.)

See below for men's/women's size charts and examples of the product. (Children sizing available upon request.)

Click here for the jacket order form!!


We are looking to get more merchandise as we continue, if people are interested. Next we are looking to get long sleeve shirts and baseball caps. If you are interested in these products, or have suggestions for other products, let us know!!

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